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This Wiki was created to provide a central repository for knowledge of the Grapevine software.


The purpose of this Wiki is to provide our partners with our most current documentation, integration specifications and other information that may be useful and valuable in serving the needs of our customers. If you would like to view training documentation, release notes, or other documentation, please click on one of the following links:



California Sales Tax Rate Changes 10/01/2017

California sales tax rates are changing again. This change affects some California Counties and Cities.

New eF&I Feature - Java Check at Login Utility

A new feature in eF&I notifies the user automatically during login if their browser cannot successfully run Java. This allows the user to address the problem prior to sitting down with a customer.

Purchasing New Computers? Grapevine Compatibility

What you need to know regarding Grapevine F&I (DOS) compatibility with new versions of Microsoft Windows

Update Your Grapevine Software for NMVTIS Reports

eF&I and Google Chrome

Google Chrome uses its own PDF viewer by default which does not work in eF&I. Users running eF&I in Google Chrome should disable the Google Chrome PDF Viewer, and enable the Adobe Reader browser plugin.

Grapevine - Dealer Track Integration Training

Dealer Track Integration with Grapevine DOS Dealer Track Integration with Grapevine eF&I


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